Binding Lines strapping

The Binding Lines are the natural completion of SACMA’s cutting lines, “sew” upon the Customer’s needs in total step with the production characteristics of the Slitting Line or Cut-to-length line that comes first.

The binding of the cut sheet is not a trivial phase of the production and it must not constitute a “bottleneck down of the cut”. Therefore, it must be in balance with the productivity of the line and must not affect the quality, even of the appearance, of the cutting material.

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There is another aspect which the experience gained by the Technical Dpt. is essential for: the study and development of the Lay-out and the configuration of the lines that typically find themselves dealing with the lack of space, by giving more favor to the cutting process.
Regarding the packaging of the coils, SACMA’s plants can process strips till 7 tons and with external diam. from 500 to 1800 mm of any type of material, magnetic included. For the packaging of cut sheets stacks, SACMA also offers non-stop lines with pallet capacity width from 300 to 16000 mm, with mechanical, pneumatic and magnetic systems.

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