SACMA’s CustomersWhat they say about us


Here are the references of some of our Customers, whom we have had the privilege to offer our services to. We have assisted them with passion and the never ending will of a constant growth:

POSCO IDPC | Line installed in India

“SACMA has delivered to us a very good line. We awarded them for the good quality and on-time delivery. Sacma has an excellent technical team.” 


GLOBUS-STAL | Line installed in Russia

Sacma was chosen in 2009 as equipment supplier for the Service Center, taking into account its considerable experience as a cut-to-length and slitting equipment producer and the level of its technical solutions and components. As a first commission, the Sacma technicians supplied and installed a slitting line. By the end of 2010, as a result of the continuing cooperation, a cut-to-length line was launched, the second Sacma line installed.
The production, installation and commissioning of two self-sufficient lines for stainless steel coil processing within the successive 2 years, witness the well-coordinated, competent and effective work of all the Sacma employees involved in the project, from Sales Manager to mechanics and electricians responsible for the mounting and start up activities on site.
Long-term operation experience of Sacma lines proves their reliability. The operability and sustainability maintainability of the equipment owing to the competent unit configuration and the high level of the applied technical solutions should not go unmentioned.
The best feature is definitely the “Teleservice” option: it ensures the prompt remote diagnostic of all units and system by the Sacma service department. Having the remote service applied allows us to reduce equipment shutdown time and increase the operation efficiency.” Go to GLOBUS-STAL’s website


YUCEL BORU ve PROFIL END. A.S.| Lines installed in Turkey

“It was 1993 when we bought our first slitting line from SACMA. Started then as a simple supplier-customer deal, the business relationship between our companies has developed over the years into today’s excellent collaboration, based on mutual trust, frinedliness and sincerity. Currently, we have a total of six Sacma’s slitting lines (with an entire thickness range from 0.5 to 12 mm), each running perfectly, thanks to every technical assistance that has been provided promptly and adequately by SACMA whenever needed.” Go to YUCEL BORU’s website


ATLANT| Line installed in Belarus

“SACMA’s cut-to-length line has been in use in ATLANT since 2004. After years of stable operation, we can emphasize that there were no serious breaks, the performance of the line during its use remained as it was initially claimed. The stability of operation and quality of process are higher, compared to similar equipment of the other producers being in use in ATLANT. The reliable operation of our line, ease of use and repair allow us to highly recommend the metal cutting equipment of SACMA.” Go to ATLANT’s website


LAE | Partnership in TRAFOGRID Alliance

During these last years, not easy for anyone, SACMA has developed a strong capability of innovation, which is the basis for future projects in the Trafogrid Alliance. […] The innovative ideas of SACMA, together with its leading experience in the field of slitting machinery, are key to follow the growing needs of the market and a fundamental aspect for Trafogrid to keep the Leadership of the market. Go to LAE’s website.

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